Pauline Kibera has always been Pauline's home, although her parents have now moved to a rural area. Her parents could not afford to send her to secondary school but she managed to pass her secondary exams through studying alone in her local library. After becoming pregnant with her son, her work in a food kiosk became difficult and she struggled to take care of him.

She now lives with her husband and has one small son. Where she lives the water only comes once a week so she needs to have lots of containers to store it. 

Working at Kipepeo and her relationships with her 'sisters' at the project has helped to lift her burdens, giving her strength. 

Role at Kipepeo

Pauline is a very talented paper maker, recycling waste paper to create cards.

Hopes for the future

Before making cards with Kipepeo, Pauline sold vegetables but it wasn't enough to sustain her. She would like to save to buy land for her son, and afford to buy a rental house up country.