Meet the makers

Meet our very special team. There are currently 16 women employed in the Kipepeo card-making workshop, all of whom live in Kibera.

For women in Kibera existence is especially tough. Life for the card makers typically means living in one room made of mud walls, a dirt floor and corrugated iron on the roof for a family of between five and eight people. 

There is no water or electricity supply into most of the homes and no bathrooms or kitchens. Food is prepared and cooked on tiny stoves or fires outside their doors.

Unemployment is high and most work in Kibera of a casual nature. Most of the card makers are mothers; some are also responsible for young orphaned relatives.

Working with Kipepeo, by contrast, gives the card makers a steady wage with which they can pay for rent, food, clothing and education for their families. Most have been working at the project for two years already.

Despite the hardships they experience, these women are remarkably positive. They enjoy their work, and the company of each other. When one of the team is unable to work through poor health or misfortune, the women typically rally round to ensure she does not lose her stream of income. Gradually these women are learning what it feels like to have control over their own lives.

Look at the back of your card and see who helped to make it.

 Millicent     Rispa     Jane     Margaret    Patricia                                


  Grace    Mary     Phoebe     Margaret  

  Mebo     Syprose     Millicent A     Philgona     Ebby